Learn Japanese

Greetings in Japanese 🙂

Hello!  – Konnichi wa 今日は

How are you? – Hajimemashite 始めまして

Goodbye – sayonara さよなら

Japanese numbers:

0[rei][zero] zero

1 [ichi]   one

2 [ni]     two

3 [san]   three

4 [si/yon] four

5[go]      five

6 [roku] six

7 [sichi/nana] seven

8 [hachi] eight


10[ju:] ten

Basic words.

Hai – Yes

Iie – No

Arigatou(gozaimasu) – Thank you

Dou itashimashite – You are welcome.


Watashi / Boku/ –  I

Anata – You

Kare – He

Kanojyo – She

Watashitaci we

One thought on “Learn Japanese

  1. It is difficult to know when the classes are going to be . How can I know in advance the time schedule?.I would like to join your english frre classes and no Japaness¡¡ Great idea¡¡ Rafa


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